Happy glutton

Other stuff I’ve done…..eaten way too much food, and started playing video games again. I know, video games are not a great sign I have my life together, but my hand eye coordination is off the charts after this weekends ‘wasted time sessions’.

made a super simple salad and discovered the joy of honey in a the dressing, wow lady that shiz is unreal.


Oh and of course playing video games took up allot of energy so I kept dinner simple with a yummy pesto pasta.spaghetti-with-pistou-1In other my food related news…I successfully made a burger that didn’t completely fall apart while being consumed. I think I put too much on the burgers most of the time, this time I seemed to work though so yay for positive life changes.

I did some painting, I posted it last week, now I am working on the second and third in the series of ‘people on da train’. Its been fun, and i’m getting my head around oil paint. I hope to step out of the box a little more in the future with oil paint.

I’m really sorry about that featured image, I just couldn’t help miself, tehehe.

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