A short story about a party and a piece of art


I made this picture with highlighters. Mostly because being very poor means I cannot afford posca paints.

Heres the story. I’m running late for a good friends party. The guy is young, good looking enough, vegan, says all the right things about social issues, cares about all the right stuff, basically a smart dude, plays music and has a job. He is my friend, but he is basically everything I haven’t managed to be in my 20’s….in short..cool! So, I’m running late, and I’m nervous about meeting all of his friends, who will inevitably be incredibly smart and good looking. I have no money. So I cant even bring a steam ale, or a yuppy drink of some kind, I didn’t cook anything, and i cant bring crackers, dip, of even fucking fruit, as my cupboards are literally empty. So what do you bring to a party when you are poor and completely hopeless at life but want to appear like a really good friend who has their shit together, and always makes good impressions. It is a tough one, my answers is simple though, because I have this skill. Art of coarse. On the bus to the party, I’m quickly rummaging through my bag trying to find a pen. No pens, lots of highlighters, and some rad pictures of Tropical Toxic’s work. That will do. I Sketch out one of Tropical toxic’s pieces on a spare piece of art-book paper, get my highlighters running over the page, and by the time the 20 minute bus ride is over, I have a pretty cool artwork. As I walk through the gate to his house, I can see the party is already going well. A group of mod intellectuals, and metropolitan hippies are conversing over cigarettes and red cups of wine, western society’s misinterpretation of communism. As I step over their sprawled out legs on the porch, I don’t feel so anxious because I know i did good, go me, I have my art, and it looks like there is plenty of good wine to share. I knock on the door, he answers, I hand him the picture, and I get a nice big hug.


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