well isn’t that awww-full

A quick search through the computer left me with an yucky feeling in my tummy.

I had just written this; “While in the process of creating an archive, I took pictures off allot of my work from this semesters study. This includes printmaking, painting, drawing, and hand made art-books. The archiving took a while to compile, but it showed me I have completed allot of work , and that is always nice to see”. Just as I’m about to post, I start looking for all of the photos. All gone, nowhere to be found. There are not in photos, in a folder I made for them which is now strangely empty, they are not on the desktop. The only explanation is the computers are being cleared due to the semester ending.So I guess I must start again.

I might go grab a bagel to cheer me up, before I do it all over agin. Today I have 27 tasks to do, and definitely¬†not enough time to do them. Fingers crossed that I don’t get any more BAD news, and that some good comes my way.

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