Mixed Reality Review


Oculus Rift

The Rift is a virtual reality head-mounted display  developed by Oculus VR.

I heard about the Oculus VR technology being seriously developed in 2014, when they were talking about the 2.5 million raised for the project from the kick-starter campaign. Then earlier this year I watched a funny Vice video on porn being developed for the Oculus Rift, and how the technology could make it easier for people in long distant relationships. That is when I started paying attention, I was in a long distant relationship and fully understood that a phone call does not substitute for much. I saw the gaming possibilities, and the nerdy ‘what will the future look like with this technology’ videos. The Oculus Rift is fun and fascinating, and there are many directions I could take this review, but for today i’ll just look at gaming.


Oculus Rift has many possibly and current applications, including Social (media), Media (cinema),Industrial and professional (visualisation, and advertising), and of course gaming…

The people contributing the most financially to the oculus Rift have been gamers, and game developers. The virtual reality headset is set to expand the industry in many ways. The first things you will experience while using the headset will be creating an avatar, anyone who has ever had a wii console will remember this time consuming and slightly over obsessed process as quite allot of fun. The oculus Rift will advance this experience from a simple on screen avatar to a fully 3-d ‘you’. Oculus is including Oculus Cinema as a free application, which allows the Rift to be used to view conventional movies and videos from inside a virtual cinema environment, so viewers looking through the headset, experience videos and games designed for the rift as a big cinema sized screen. Oculus Rift is hugely focus on networking, and will allow for multiple users to watch the same video in the same virtual space, seeing and interacting with each others avatars.

The Rift also offers the opportunity to view new types of media that are impossible to view on regular monitors; 360° 3D videos and ‘virtual reality movies’ which is a new reality in a way.

The Oculus Rift has a long way to go before everyone has one in thier home to play games with, for now the guys at Oculus VR are doing some really cool stuff with 360 degree videos and interactive spaces.

The studio intends to have 5 VR shorts released with the Rift at launch, including Lost, Bullfighter, Henry, Dear Angelica, and Kabloom.Which is pretty great as we know Oculus was initially proposed in a Kick-starter campaign, during which Oclus VR (at the time an independent company) raised US2.5 million for the development of the headset/product.

So if your a gamer and you have the time to check out some conversions in the near future, chances are you might be able to test out some of these shorts for your self, and step inside some serious virtual reality.













It was initially proposed in a Kickstarter campaign, during which Oculus VR (at the time an independent company) raised US$2.5 million for the development of the product.[5]

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