Snail-time with group art

I little while ago a friend of mine suggested that we do a collectivo style project.

Allot of my friends are artists of some form or another, and we are slowly practicing ways that each of our skills can work with the others. The process has involved allot of talks, over wine of course, about how we can combine our art,in it’s many forms’ whether it’s music, sculpture, instillation pieces with recycled materials, or installations with neon lights, or big expressive paintings, or incredibly detailed oil paintings one friend does, or painterly water colour pieces , drawing, or digital and film photography.

It started out seeming like a really good idea, and the fun playful works we made at parties, or at the meetings where a really great examples of where we might go with the projects. It’s all very fun. There are certainly challenges though, because creating collaborative art involves making sacrifices, and taking on another artist aesthetic ideals, and always handling those conversations with respect for the other artist.

Its also tough when you really love a friends art and you don’t want to possibly ruin it, or upset them by changing it with your own contribution.

Its been a big learning curve.

My next post will show some of the ideas I was throwing around with a photographer friend of mine Rohan Jolly.

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