Super duper Imposed

I have been talking about doing a collaborative project with my good friend Rohan Jolly who is a photographer for a little while. A number of artists and I have been planning group projects, and today looking through my old phone I found some of the first images of Rohan and I’s plan, which was really nice to find and have as a reminder. We first started talking about this idea of superimposing, or drawing on top of Rohan’s photos at the beginning of 2014. What slowed that down is both of our styles changed really quickly in the space of a couple of months after our first chat, and we didn’t really fit together well aesthetically for a while. We are doing well now, and hopefully should be putting some cool stuff out into the world really soon. Some skateboard deck designs and t-shirt designs as we are both super in love with skate style.

These are our first mock ups and inspiration from Lucas Beaufort who is simply amazballs at this kind of thing. Beaufort takes skate images, that he has taken or others have taken and then adds his own little drawings and story to the photos, it totally gives them another life. These images were really important for us, they really inspired us when we were looking for our niche and how we might fit as artists together.

This is a silly photo Rohan took

photo 3

photo 2

with the addition of a little drawing I added

another version

photo 1 (2)

Obama wearing a lost hat

photo 2 (2)

This is our friend hanging with some jellyfish

photo 3 (2).jpg

Lucas Beaufort and his cleverness belooow

photo 1 (1)photo 2 (1)photo 3 (1)photo 4 (1)photo 4

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